Couple Young Boys Podcast


Hosted by Chris Bennett from jolly old England & Adam Cluppert from the land of the free. Discussing current events, some outrageous stories, anonymous confessions and interviews.

So open up your ear holes because some vocal chords are coming your way. There may be the occasional bad word, I apologise.

Enjoy the podcast young boys & girls.

"These lads are not only funny but extremely sexy too, I can tell by their unreal vocal chords, trust me, this isn't made up"

A Happy Real Listener

"I thought, surely there's too many motherfu***** podcasts in the world, but no these sexy boys bring a new voice"

The New York Times

"WOW, JUST WOW. If you thought sliced bread was good, think again. My son Adam is amazing, the British guy, meh"

Morgan Freeman